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Since the COVID-19 restrictions are causing a ban on indoor dining, some restaurants in the city center have forgotten to create creative and expanded dining options. Guests at Freakin 'Unbelievable Burger seem to be opting for more water alternatives as the water service at the downtown restaurant goes up and down.

According to bartender Kelly Staneff, the terrace of the family-friendly Fenton main building seats 25, which currently comply with COVID-19 safety guidelines. Cork in Saginaw has reopened to guests after the closure and for the first time since it reopened, has a full menu and drinks menu.

The Italian restaurant, which will be located at the Hilton Garden Inn, is scheduled to open in 2020 and so far the interior combines old school and modern elements with some modern touches. It also harks back to some of Flint's great restaurants of the past, including the University Club, which was once the now demolished Genesee Towers. Further details will be announced later, but so far, the decorations include an outdoor terrace, outdoor seating and an outdoor terrace with a terrace bar.

All I have to say is that if you want damn good fish and chips, go to Whitey's. ' S. S., London. If you're looking for more burger options, check out our list of the best places to get a burger in Flint and check out some of our best places to get a burger in the Flint area.

Since it is a hike from Flint, you should burn some gas to get there, but Sagano's is so good that I could not even be satisfied with a single meal from the Hibachi menu. The Hibachi dinner is cooked on a flat table right in front of you, and there is also a small show at each meal.

There is something for everyone, with traditional dishes such as salads, sandwiches and burgers, served with everything from crab stuffed with prawns and salmon to blackened salmon and crab and prawn salad.

The Fenton Winery and Brewery is a great place to combine handcrafted wines, hand brewed beers and live music in a relaxed atmosphere. Fenton's award - winning beers are on sale, along with handmade wine and craft beer, as well as complimentary to - smoke-free food. The Lodge, a lodge - a themed restaurant for those who gather for a night of good food, good drinks and great people.

The public farmers market is taking place in Flint this year, with over 30 traders in the building. The market has a variety of food and beverage vendors as well as local artisans, farmers and food trucks.

This gastro pub is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to midnight and is also a great place to grab tacos on Tuesdays if you have dollar tacos during the week.

Baked with fried pieces of dough, peeled chicken, freshly grilled corn tortillas and perfectly seasoned, this from Mother Clucker will change everything you know about the taco game forever. From deep-fried beer to the delicacies known as samoritos, this is the one that will most likely make you crawl back. With many delicious dishes, Sam's Italian Restaurant has become one of Flint's most popular restaurants.

It's not even fair to find a place that puts traditional tacos in the same category as VCT, which most consider one of Flint's best and most popular tacos joints in Flint, Michigan. Much of it, like Flint Coney's, is not spiced up, and that is unacceptable.

There are a handful of great pizza baking in the Flint area, but many consider Luigi's cakes to be the best. They have served delicious steak subs since 1972 and are still one of Flint's best and most popular pizzas.

Since 1923, at its original location in Kewpee, the chain has maintained a number of locations throughout Genesee County, although it split its chain into two locations in 1967. Clio's Roadhouse has an extensive burger menu, which is the main attraction of their barbecue. Although they may not have a typical dish, they have one of the best burgers you may never have heard of, and what they see more than anything else is Bloody Brunch. The burger is made with fresh ground, never - frozen roast beef delivered daily to the bar and then cooked right in front of you.

Mark Valacak, the county's health official, said that while the restaurant regularly uses its water, the pipes are not as corrosive as those in the homes, not in the Flint water system, but that companies are encouraged to install filters and have their water tested. Blackstone's has been making the results available on its website since January, where customers can easily view them, he said. Communications director Megan Spencer said in an email that the signs on restaurants that are not on Flint's water systems signal to customers that they are safe to drink, cook and clean.

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