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Saints linebacker Demario Davis has helped in a way he has never done before. It was just after 2 a.m. on January 1, 2014, when Davis told the story of the poor, overworked and forgotten.

The Flint crisis began in 2014, and Michigan authorities said lead pipes in the city needed to be replaced with safer copper pipes. Davis detailed the problems plaguing Flint's water supply and the insidious corrosion in many forms that polluted our city. The funds we have go directly to the community and we plug pipe holes where it can be a faster and more efficient process.

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The game began in 1928 and began in the newly built Atwood in 1930, Northern won the first two and Central triumphed. Northern returned to the top flight, winning 20-8 in a perfect season in 1956 and triumphing in 1957 with a 19-5 victory over Central in the state championship game.

William Wallace ran for a touchdown and was criticized for his antics, including dancing and gesturing toward players and fans. Surprisingly, Chandnois was outshone by North's versatile Bill Hamilton, who scored twice and passed for another TD, surpassing him 67 yards to 32. But he proved quick, intercepting Hamilton with a 58-yard run and running with it. Central scored the score and the win, 6-0, in the first quarter when Sherwood Moore (15) intercepted a pass and ran 81 yards for 31.

It was the story of a boy with a heart condition who encouraged his sister to drink water instead of sugary juice, only to learn that he had poisoned his younger sibling. His father, then a student from the North, said it was like watching his coat through a buttonhole. Val's sister met a man who grew up in Flint and aspired to go to see him one day. They made the 600-mile trip to Flint for their honeymoon, drawing on their memories of the city, its history and its people.

The feedback from the Texas trip was overwhelmingly positive, but Davis said there is a message that routinely pops up on her Twitter timeline.

The story is horribly similar: families are still struggling to survive and waiting in vain for clean tap water. Like so many across the country, NFL players were shocked to learn that life in Flint was going on. Michigan has still not returned to normal. As a result, the pitch was covered the following year with AstroTurf, a safe, years-long funded plastic playing surface donated by the Mott Foundation.

First, reports from residents paint a picture of an impoverished community that has lost confidence in its local government. Median household income in Flint is $26,330, with an estimated 41.2 percent of residents living in poverty. Residents pay the highest water prices in the country, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Catholic girls basketball coach in Flint for 31 years, has 599 career wins and four state championship titles. Lisa Negri played for Ohio State and was elected Miss Basketball in 1991, and Victoria Lucas-Perry played for Michigan State and graduated from Powers in 2002. In retirement from basketball, McGee, whose teams have won three state titles and two national championships, teaches the school's program. McGee has coached dozens of players at the University of Michigan to College D-I college basketball and coached them to a dozen players at the University of Michigan.

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