Michigan AG puts supervisor over Flint water probe

Published 01-15-2019

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DETROIT (AP) - Michigan's new attorney general has appointed a Detroit-area prosecutor to supervise criminal cases arising from the Flint water crisis.

Fadwa Hammoud was named Tuesday by Attorney General Dana Nessel. She also will serve as the attorney general's chief appellate lawyer.

The decision means special prosecutor Todd Flood will report to Hammoud. Nessel says the Flint water cases "have gone on for years" at a cost of millions of dollars. She says it's time for "resolution and justice."

Fifteen people have been charged in the investigation of lead-tainted water and an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease. Seven people have pleaded no contest to misdemeanors in exchange for their cooperation.

Hammoud is joining the attorney general's office from the Wayne County prosecutor's office. Flood says it will be a "pleasure" working for her.

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